Sr. Backend Engineer



Software Engineering
Posted on Friday, December 8, 2023
Your work as a Sr. Backend Engineer will empower thousands of Appcues customers to improve their SaaS products with unique in-app experiences such as onboarding guides, checklists, and surveys, without writing any code. Our customers, such as Codepen, Lyft and Segment, depend on our services to deliver these in-app experiences to 100s of millions of users. This role is a unique opportunity to join a small, senior team designing, building, and operating modern services at scale

Tools we use

  • On any given project, you will develop or refactor distributed Elixir or Node services and provision, tune, and manage data in DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, or whatever is needed. You'll work with AWS and Linux to manage and update production systems.
  • Our team follows a Kanban flow using Shortcut to track our work. We communicate via Github, Slack, and Zoom, and are committed to remote, agile development.
  • When you are ready, you’ll create and send a pull request with tests and tag your team for review. We use CircleCI to deploy to production and continuously invest in our pipelines and staging environments to make them more robust.
  • Every engineer is given ample opportunity to learn the Appcues product and codebase, with continual opportunities to demonstrate your abilities.

About the role

  • The engineering team currently has 38 people across all of our teams. We are looking to hire a Senior Backend Engineer for our platform team.
  • Our Platform team is responsible for crafting scalable services that handle millions of requests from our customer's SaaS products. They also manage RESTful APIs that process requests from our customer-facing React applications for personalization, segmentation, and targeting. The team collaborates to instrument and monitor the performance and availability of the Appcues platform.
  • On a typical day, you may build a feature, tune a data pipeline, plan a technology migration, add a 3rd party integration, help diagnose a customer issue, drive consensus on a new practice, or collaborate with another engineer.
  • Our engineers are involved in all development stages, including conception, design, and user-testing, with an eye toward rapid, agile iteration. You’ll collaborate with engineers across teams to develop new capabilities in our platform.
  • You’ll collaborate across the organization with design, customer success, technical support, and sales to translate customer needs into high-quality code.

About you

  • You are energized by working in a highly collaborative environment at a customer-driven startup. You see software engineering as a team sport and like collaborating with fellow engineers, product managers, and others to deliver customer value.
  • You have experience in a similar SaaS company, preferably taking ownership over the build/deploy/infrastructure.
  • You have contributed to the delivery of large backend projects. For example, systems that ingest and process data at a significant scale, manage elastic workloads using queue/worker/streaming architectures, or migrate to more current technologies while maintaining high availability.
  • You have experience with functional programming or a desire to learn. We can teach you Elixir, which is the foundation of most of our Platform services.
  • You have sound judgment across back-end frameworks and are familiar with various databases and data processing technologies. You are pragmatic, not dogmatic, and are aware of the strengths & weaknesses of your tools.
  • You enjoy breaking down complex problems into small tasks and PRs to deliver value safely and incrementally.
  • You consider testing, monitoring, and observability first-order priorities. You believe your work isn't complete until your code runs in production and returns the results and metrics you expect.
  • You can comfortably work 9-5 Eastern Time. While we are a 100% remote-1st company and you can connect from anywhere, we require 8 hours overlap to collaborate effectively with the rest of our team members who work these hours.
Note - Appcues uses a market-data driven approach to setting compensation ranges, and pins compensation ranges to data provided by third-party organizations. This range is for all US-based candidates and is built to be competitive nationwide by utilizing ranges for the Greater Boston area, regardless of where in the US an employee lives (or later relocates). This range represents salary-based compensation and does not include our equity package (in stock options), 401k match, or other benefits including an office setup budget, tech budget, training and education budget, and co-working space reimbursements. Actual compensation offered to a successful applicant may be based on job-related experience and other factors consistent with applicable law. For non-US based candidates, Appcues adjusts salary ranges based on cost of labor in each market. If you have questions on the pay range in your country, the recruiter will be happy to discuss specifics during your introductory conversation."
About Us
Appcues' mission is to help teams deliver experiences their users love. Our vision is for every software company to embrace product-led growth, resulting in more engaged and happier users.
Our Benefits
100% remote - We don’t have an office so all of our employees learn and collaborate in the same way using remote work practices. This won't change post-COVID as we are committed to being 100% remote for the long-term. We work in Slack, Zoom, and a collection of modern collaboration tools. We have inclusive remote events and we get together annually for a fun off-site retreat.
Well-being - You'll have solid health, dental, and vision plans; access to 401k, and a generous maternity and paternity leave.
Fair pay - Each role has a defined salary band, bands and salaries are audited on a regular basis to help maintain fairness and market value
Home office and tech budget - Besides paying for your work computer (Mac or PC), we offer a one-time $1000 home office stipend and an additional $500 annual budget for extra work-related technology.
Coworking space, on us - Home office not cutting it? We'll reimburse your monthly coworking fees.
Equity - We want everyone invested in our success. We grant every employee equity in the company.
Transparency and collaboration - We foster team alignment with meetings of all shapes and sizes—a monthly all-hands meeting called FirstThurs, weekly team lunches, and Lunch & Learns., and an annual learning stipend.
Flexible Time Off - We believe time away to reflect and explore makes us all more productive, so employees don’t accrue vacation time – they work with their managers to schedule time off when they need it, consistent with our Flexible Time Off policy. Employees based in the USA also take off all US federal holidays. Employees residing in other countries can choose to follow their local national holidays or US federal holidays.