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Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2023
Engineering · US, Canada · Hybrid Remote

Principal Software Engineer

Are you a Software Engineer looking to join a company at the forefront of innovation? Do you enjoy building practical applications to help others? Join us at Spectro Cloud and let your skills shine.

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Who We Are

Spectro Cloud aims to make infrastructure boundaryless for the enterprise, from data center to edge and every platform in between. We provide solutions that help enterprises run applications on Kubernetes, their way, anywhere.

Established by a team of multi-cloud management experts and industry veterans with a track record of success, we're at the forefront of multi-cloud management solutions. What makes us stand out is our team's commitment and strong backing from industry-leading investors, driving our progress. Our collective focus is on delivering unmatched value that resonates with our customers, and you can take pride in being involved with it.

About The Job

At Spectro Cloud, we are in search of a talented individual to become an integral part of our Engineering team, playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of our cutting-edge Palette platform.

As a Software Engineer within our organization, you will be at the forefront of building an always-on, self-healing, and declarative platform specifically engineered for the management of both infrastructure and applications. You will have the opportunity to contribute significantly by designing, optimizing, and streamlining GoLang-based microservices that serve as the foundation of our platform. Proficiency in Kubernetes is required - it lies at the very heart of our contemporary cloud-native, data center and edge solutions.

Your responsibilities will also include ensuring the seamless operation of our platform through a combination of automation, scripting, and rigorous testing. Our organization places a strong emphasis on code quality, and your commitment to producing clean and efficient code is highly regarded.

Collaboration is of utmost importance. You will work closely with cross-functional teams to create scalable, dependable, and secure solutions that push boundaries. In this role, we encourage you to stay current with industry trends and emerging technologies, thereby ensuring that our solutions remain innovative and ahead of the curve. By joining our team, you will become an influential driving force in shaping the future of Kubernetes at scale through Palette, the modern enterprise Kubernetes management platform offered by Spectro Cloud.

This is a remote-first position open to candidates residing in the United States and Canada.


You will excel as a Software Engineer at Spectro Cloud if you thrive in ambiguity and can deliver value amidst unclear requirements. Success hinges upon your capacity to tackle intricate challenges through a series of incremental steps. It entails embracing test-and-learn methodologies rather than focussing solely on heads-down development. We highly value independence and self-motivation, both individual and team advancements frequently assume crucial roles within our dynamic work culture.


While we don't expect candidates to check every box, we do look for the following when assessing applicants:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • 10+ years of relevant work experience
  • Expertise in GoLang programming
  • Comprehensive understanding of Kubernetes, including the operator pattern and Cluster API
  • Strong skills in designing REST APIs
  • Solid grasp of microservices architecture
  • Experience with cloud-based platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.)
  • Familiarity with virtual machine usage and integration within software solutions, including VMware
  • Fluency with common Linux commands
  • Familiarity with SQL and databases like MongoDB
  • Highly preferred: CKA or CKAD certification

The Hiring Process

At Spectro Cloud, we highly value your time and dedication throughout the hiring process. Therefore, we aim to ensure that our interactions are efficient and focused on delivering value.

Our interview process for Engineering roles typically comprises three to four stages:

  • Initial screening interview
  • One or two technical interviews, including hands-on coding assessments
  • Final round to assess team fit and engage in detailed discussions

The majority of our interviews are conducted via Zoom. We recommend having a laptop with a reliable internet connection, and if possible, a functional camera for a more engaging experience.

We appreciate your commitment to our hiring process and look forward to getting to know you better.

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Our Culture

Spectro Cloud is a fun, fast-paced place to work where you can make a big impact, every day. We recruit the best from all over the world, and we show up in all our diversity to collaborate and build something we’re all proud of. We’re passionate about innovation and helping our customers, and we’re ambitious about changing the industry. If you’re bored or frustrated by rigid corporate life, this is an opportunity to grow your skills, push boundaries and change the world.

About Spectro Cloud

Spectro Cloud provides a complete and integrated platform that enables organizations to easily manage the full lifecycle of any combination of new or existing, small or large, simple or complex Kubernetes environments whether in a datacenter or the cloud. With a unique approach to managing multiple diverse clusters, Spectro Cloud gives IT teams complete control, visibility and production-scale efficiencies to provide developers flexible Kubernetes stacks and tools based on their specific needs, with granular governance and enterprise-grade security.

Founded in 2019
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Engineering · US, Canada · Hybrid Remote

Principal Software Engineer

Are you a Software Engineer looking to join a company at the forefront of innovation? Do you enjoy building practical applications to help others? Join us at Spectro Cloud and let your skills shine.

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